Bloggers for birth kits

This morning was a typical morning in my household……Max refused to get dressed, took forever to make his bed, kicked me, had to be sent to his room and took ages to find his shoes, resulting in us being late for school AGAIN.  I was absolutely seething with anger by the time we got to school.  Before we walked in, I got down to his level, looked him in the eyes and told him we need to find a solution for these constant battles in the morning because I absolutely couldn’t deal with another morning like this.  I’ve only been back from a lovely girl’s weekend for two days and I already want to jump off a bridge.

So driving home, I was still seething, feeling sorry for myself and wallowing in self-pity…..WHY did I have to get such a difficult kid?  Why is nothing working?  From time-outs, to toy jail, to canceling play dates to spanking.  None of it has made an impression on him and I’m seriously considering getting a part-time job to save my sanity.

Then I got home and read this.  And I stopped feeling sorry for myself.  No matter how, difficult Max is, we are still incredibly blessed with our two children and I wouldn’t change anything for the world.  I plan to make a few birth kits this week and send them off.

We now continue with our regularly scheduled sarcastic mommy-needs-a-drink-blog…..


4 thoughts on “Bloggers for birth kits

  1. I hear you loud and clear. Every day begins with my mantra…Patience, patience, patience…and breathe. This (phase) too shall pass. I am constantly trying to forgive myself for patience gone awry, and remember…they are still so little, and we are the ones to guide them and teach them. At the end of the day at bedtime, I see my little boy, who is so loving, kind, sweet and gentle, and I start each day with this memory as we begin, and all hell breaks lose.

    But I wouldn’t change it for the world.

    Remember, you are not alone.

    Miss you so much,

  2. Oh, being a mother is no walk in the park, that’s for sure! But what a privilege it is. We all know that, even on the difficult days. Sometimes we just need some help getting our perspective right. 😉 Love this post. Thanks for helping to spread the message. x

  3. As I am enjoying my almost half bottle of zinfandel …..being back home from a week away & a six hour drive today ……. I am reflecting on all the happy giggles and difficult
    Outburst I have had……to …..well experience. I look around at my home at her photographed pictures and cannot hardly believe how grown she is…. I will enjoy these these giggles & outburst & finish the Zinfandel!

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