Birthday wishes

Something happened these past few months that resulted in the best birthday present ever.  I’m thinking it was one of the following:

-I changed my 9, 567th diaper (roughly)

-I enjoyed yet another dinner standing up because the minute I sit down to eat, Zoe starts shrieking at me to a) put her in my lap or b) get her something from the fridge that I never really know what it is because she still won’t freaking talk even though she’s 2 years and one month old

–practically crippled myself stepping on yet another sneaky lego piece laying in the middle of the damn floor

–brought children to the DMV with me, not once, but TWICE

–caught my, approximately, eleventy millionth cold from the germ factories known as our children

What was that present that K thought would be great to make up for all of the above?  It wasn’t gold, it wasn’t diamonds.  It was my rocking husband making up a ginormous lie about having to go back to work at 9pm and, instead, driving to the airport and picking up my best friend who he had flown in for the weekend.  I came downstairs to find her standing in the middle of my living room and I had only seen her once in the past 3 years.  There were tears.

How amazing is that?  How creative and awesome is K?

So BFF showed up and THEN, K also had planned two nights out for my friends and I, PLUS he let me sleep in both days while he got up with children and gave them breakfast.  I die.

The birthday consisted of going out, having several drinks on Friday and an awesome dinner and then going to a bar that was way too young for us and we clearly did not belong in and then just hanging out (and trying to sleep in, but finding it impossible because I’m old now and drinking means hangover with inability to sleep).  K fed the kids every meal, changed every diaper (except one), wiped every butt, snorted every snotty nose, etc, etc, etc.  The kids only treated me like a human jungle gym, like, once or twice and they lurrved my BFF.  LOVED her.

It was awesome.  But now I’m 40 and that’s crazytown so that part sucks but the rest is awesome.


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