A new life

My husband and I have been living in the middle east for the past three years and just moved back to the United States.  Yes, the middle east !!  ??  !!    The exclamation points and the question marks are to illustrate the look on people’s faces when we tell them that we just moved from the middle east.  As if we were living in a war zone, sleeping on dirt floors and feeding our children camel milk (which actually is quite healthy from what I’ve heard).

Here is a picture of Qatar

Looks brutal, right?

In all honesty, the country is a weird mix of middle eastern and western traditions, but it was hardly a tough time.   We lived in a giant house, had a maid, had amazing friends and two cars.  Oh, and everything was paid for by my husband’s company.  Granted, it was approximately 8 gillion degrees most of the year, there was enough sand to get a microdermabrasion facial every time you walked outside, you took your life into your own hands when you drove your car anywhere and I won’t even get into basic human right’s injustices, but it was good.

Which leads me back to people’s reactions….

“Why would you move there?” (see above)

“Wasn’t it hot when you covered your face” (you are not required to cover your face, hair, etc in Qatar)

“Did you have electricity?” (um, yes)

“What country did you live in?” (Qatar, Quatar, Catar, whatever)

“Did you actually have your children with you in the middle east??” (No we left them at home and went off to enjoy ourselves 8000 miles away.  Of course we did.  And I went through my 2nd pregnancy there)

In short, people in our new city think we’re freaks.  Being a new person in a new city?  Hard.  Being a new person in a new city, with two young child, restarting a business and telling people you just moved from the middle east?  Hideous.


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